The changes in email marketing

We have worked with many clients over the past few years who use email as an effective method of communicating with their client base. So, what’s changed?

Well, many things have changed but most noticeable is the viewing device. A year or so ago, statistically the primary browser for viewing email was Microsoft Outlook. Now however, we have noticed a considerable change toward mobile devices, particularly iPhone’s and iPad’s. The numbers are quite considerable as well.

Now, a recent campaign we produced for a client resulted in 49% first viewing on an iOS device (Apple). This wasn’t a B2C campaign either, this was B2B.

So, as with website, careful consideration should be made to ensure that your email looks good when viewed on a mobile device. We consider all these options when producing an email marketing campaign.

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Merry Christmas 2012!

Yes it may only be April and yes you may think us mad but we’ve just completed our first Christmas brochure for 2012. It’s that time when we are asked to produce a brochure to advertise Christmas parties. The theme of this years brochure was ‘Grease’ and the promotional brochure is just back from being printed.